Customer Reviews

"So I am absolutely in love with your face wash!! I have combo skin and of all the face washes I have used (I have tried over 15 brands from name brand to inexpensive) this face wash is by far my favorite. I have noticed my face much more clear in less than 3 weeks and it seems like all my small red scars have faded away. I also love that I can wash my face and I don’t have to run straight to my moisturizer because my face doesn't feel stripped and dry like it normally did with other facial cleansers. Keep doing what you are doing because I absolutely love this product and was not a "natural/organic" believer until I started using your products. It's amazing to know you don't need all these chemicals in products to make your skin cleaner and clearer. My face thanks you!" -Samantha S.

"Koreans are known for their meticulous skin care and I am no exception. I love double cleansing and have done the 7-skin method, 10-step routine with so many different brands (Korean, Japanese, European, American, etc). And I love trying new products from toners, emulsions, face masks - you name it. However, products from Wilder Skin Co have drastically simplified my skin care routine for the better. My favorite product has to be the 3 in 1 cleansing grain because this one beauty acts as a cleanser, exfoliant, and mask but most importantly, it makes my skin SO smooth every time. My skin doesn't feel stripped but so smooth like a baby's bottom; it's really amazing. Oils are the relatively new craze and I love how these serums provide an even consistency. 3-5 drops spread evenly across my face; whereas with other oils, I would end up using way too many drops and looking like a greaseball. And once again, these oils kill 3 birds with one stone because they serve as a makeup remover, eye cream, and serum. The balm is really soft compared to others in the market and I use it as a lip balm, brow tamer, nighttime moisturizer, and bb cream (just add a little concealer). Although I love my 10-step routine, I'm able to use less products that really pack a punch. Fellow skin care junkies, you just need to try it for yourself; mother nature truly does it the best." -Melody K.

"To be honest, for years I've steered clear of almost every kind of skin care line that promised 'cleaner, healthier skin' because I had so many issues with acne when I was younger and tried nearly everything on the market. I took a chance with Wilder Skin Co because I was really impressed with their ingredients and their focus on sustainability and conscious living. I also own a small business myself and wanted to support a fellow SBO. I am SO happy I did! I cannot believe how amazing their products are! My skin is clearer, brighter, smoother. I've even had a few people remark on how bright and young I look. Whoa! Can I just tell you that made my day! Keep up the amazing work, Wilder Skin Co.!" -Mary P.

“I love my eye serum! I find I often get dry and tired eyes and this product definitely helps moisturize my eyes and eyelids. I also use it to remove makeup. It reduces irritation and helps with eye rashes or eczema.” -Elise G.

"Listen up fellas, you're going to want to read this because skin care isn't just for the ladies. I recently discovered Wilder Skin and to be honest I was fascinated by how much time, care, and research goes into choosing the right combination of ingredients. I was even more fascinated that all these ingredients are found in nature! I thought I should take a look at these products.

Living in a cold climate, my face always seemed too dry in the winter time. After some very helpful one-on-one consultation, I decided to try the 3-in-1moisturizer. I'm 100% satisfied with this product. I use it twice a day (once in the morning and again in the evening). As with most quality products, a little really does go a very long way. I also have rather sensitive skin, and i've had no problems whatsoever with this moisturizer. Bonus! It is also a great skin soothing after-shave.

I also use the all purpose balm to fight the dry chapped lips which also goes hand in hand with living somewhere cold. Just like with the 3-in-1, a little bit is all you need and it works great. I'll never go back to those little plastic tubes again!

I'd recommend these products to anybody. If you'd like to support a great company with a great mission all while making your skin healthier, you can't go wrong with Wilder Skin." - Eric D.