Defiant. Glowing Eye Serum

Defiant. Glowing Eye Serum


Our Glowing Eye Serum thoroughly removes makeup, balances oil production of the delicate eyelid skin, deeply nourishes the skin, conditions eyelashes, and eases the appearance of fine lines. We use no harsh detergents, alcohol, or preservatives. Meadow foam seed oil couples seamlessly with jojoba, argan, and rose hip seed oils to deliver a powerhouse of age-defying antioxidants and skin softening nourishment. A careful blend of essential oils fights bacteria and inflammation.  

We suggest using Defiant nightly after applying a warm towel to closed eyes for a minute or two. Apply to a reusable soft cotton pad or cotton swab and swipe across lash line for makeup removal, then gently dab a drop or two on the upper and lower eyelids and crow's feet area. No need to rinse off-all oils are non-comedogenic. This oil is also perfect as a moisturizer for mature skin or used as part of an oil cleansing routine. Please reuse or recycle the glass bottle or send back for a discount on your next order. 0.5 oz. 

Ingredients: Jojoba oil*, Rose hip oil*, Argan oil*, Meadow foam seed oil*, Essential oil blend. *Organic, unrefined, pure

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