Healing Tonic

Healing Tonic


A gentle, all purpose toner to optimally restore skin balance after cleansing. Just shake and spritz, either directly on face or on a cotton pad. This tonic can even be used on wet hair as a non-greasy leave in conditioner and detangler- a must for your minimalist beauty routine.

The beautiful little blue drops are blue yarrow essential oil droplets-blue yarrow is a prized and highly effective botanical for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties and it loves to show off. But don’t worry, your face won’t turn blue! This toner is completely alcohol free, vegan, 100% natural and of course cruelty free. It has the perfect pH to restore the skin’s all important acid mantle; we recommend using once or twice daily and following with a moisturizer. Please reuse or recycle empty bottles.  

Ingredients: Aloe vera gel and juice*, witch hazel extract*, white willow bark extract*, essential oils of blue yarrow*, tea tree*, may chang*, and lavender*. *Certified organic. 2oz. 

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